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   Wedding Limo Service in Yardley

        For many communities, the location of venues and hotels requires specific transportation needs, including Wedding Shuttle services, Party Bus services and of course Stretch Limousine services.  One such location in the Philadelphia, PA area is Yardley, PA.


     Yardley, PA is lucky to have many unique and interesting venues for a couple to hold their Wedding at.  One unique and interesting venue is the Yardley Country Club.


     Yardley Country Club is a premier caterer in Yardley, PA.  With an offering that includes superior service and fabulous cuisine, every wedding is professionally choreographed in the area’s most picturesque setting.  No details are too small for this venue.


      In addition to superior service and food, the Yardley Country Club in Yardley, PA can handle up to 225 wedding guests.  Looking for the perfect venue to also hold your post-wedding brunch?  The Yardley Country Club is willing and able to handle every aspect of your wedding celebration.

Like many venues in Yardley, PA, many weddings will have guests who are staying at area hotels.  This means that the Bride and Groom will have some responsibility to provide Wedding Shuttle services so that their guests can get to the Wedding reception safely and return to their hotel when the night is over.  One such hotel in Yardley, PA that works with many Brides and Grooms is the Hotel Name.


      With Yardley, PA conveniently located to major arteries in Philadelphia, PA and Trenton, NJ, wedding venues in Yardley, PA have multiple choices for where their wedding guests should stay.  So regardless of the wedding venue selected, working directly with your Banquet Manager or your Wedding Coordinator from Kevin Smith Transportation Group, you can easily select the right hotel partner for your wedding.


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