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                 Limo Service in New Hope, Pa



   New Hope, PA is located along the route of the Old York Road, the former main highway between Philadelphia, PA and New York City, NY. It was generally regarded as the halfway point, where travelers would stay overnight and be ferried across the river the next morning. Though this route is largely obsolete, the section of U.S. Route 202 that passes just north of town still bears the name York Road. The original route is now known as Bridge St. (PA 179). GALAXY LIMOUSINE, INC.  can often be seen in the early mornings picking up New Hope, PA residents as they head to Philadelphia International Airport for travel across the United States.

During these early days, the town was known as Coryell’s Ferry, after the owner of the ferry business. The current name came into use following a large fire in 1790 that burned down several mills in the area. Their reconstruction was considered a “new hope” for the area.


   The night prior to his famous crossing of the Delaware several miles to the south, George Washington is said to have lodged in New Hope, PA. He destroyed the ferry so the British could not follow him, and after the battles of Trenton, NJ and Princeton, NJ, when British troops were sweeping the area for the American forces, there was no response when they rang for the ferry. The British assumed the town was sympathetic to the Colonial forces and shelled the town. Several of the older structures in the town still boast of having unexploded British ordnance lodged in their roofbeams.

GALAXY LIMOUSINE, INC. has driven many Brides and Grooms to New Hope, PA for pictures after their wedding ceremonies. The history has a way of “appearing” in the pictures, a story shared by more than one client who lives in New Hope, PA.
Attractions…New Hope, PA’s primary industry is tourism. On weekends, the streets are crowded with tourists visiting the many restaurants, bikers, antique shops, and art galleries, or taking the popular walk along the river and the Delaware Canal. Compared to surrounding communities, New Hope, PA has a vibrant nightlife. GALAXY LIMOUSINE , INC. spends many a Friday and Saturday night sending Party Buses and Limos to New Hope, PA as our clients take in the amazing nightlife that New Hope, PA has to offer.

New Hope has historically been a popular spot for Broadway shows to be tested and fine-tuned with many notable stage actors bought weekend homes in the area. The Bucks County Playhouse featured a constant stream of plays and musical productions. In December 2010, the Playhouse was shuttered after lenders foreclosed the property. Following an extensive renovation, funded by the Bucks County, PA Playhouse Conservancy, the Bridge Street Foundation, and others, the theater reopened on July 2, 2012.

Want to talk to someone to help book your transportation services? Call 215.547.2018 and speak to a Transportation Concierge who can arrange the perfect vehicle for all of your transportation needs.


New Hope, PA is served by SEPTA’s regional rail line and the Doylestown Station. GALAXY LIMOUSINE, INC.  has daily shuttles between this station and businesses across New Hope, PA who require shuttles for their employees who live in Philadelphia County, PA.


New Hope, PA has been home to numerous Impressionist Painters including Morgan Colt and Mary Elizabeth Price. While KSTG is rarely booked with intentions to absorb the arts, the history, and culture of New Hope, PA is often what drives companies and people to come to the area.

Leisure Services

GALAXY LIMOUSINE, INC.   offers a variety of services in New Hope, PA. On the social side, a GALAXY LIMOUSINE, INC. Limo or Wedding Shuttle might be seen on any given weekend. Requests for transportation for a Night on the Town or a Party Bus to go to Philadelphia, PA for a concert or show are routine for residents of New Hope, PA. If someone in New Hope, PA is headed to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal or Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), you can be assured that a GALAXY LIMOUSINE, INC.  is ready for pickup.

Corporate Transportation

If you run or work at one of the many successful companies with offices in New Hope, PA, you may occasionally have a need for some of the Corporate Transportation services offered by GALAXY LIMOUSINE, INC.  This could include Airport Transportation to more than 8 International Airports, including Newark International (EWR), Kennedy Airport (JFK) and of course Philadelphia International (PHL).

Shuttle Services are also popular for companies in BUCKS County, PA, often moving employees from local SEPTA station to company offices. In the afternoon, those same GALAXY  LIMOUSINE, INC.   will take those employees back to the train as they head home in Philadelphia, PA. For companies that utilize Private Aviation to travel around the country, a GALAXY LIMOUSINE, INC.   headed to one of more than a dozen regional airports, including Northeast Philadelphia Airport, Wings Field or Doylestown Airport.

New Hope Limo Service

GALAXY LIMOUSINE, INC.  wants to thank everyone from New Hope, PA for choosing us as their preferred Transportation Company. With a focus on Luxury and Service, GALAXY LIMOUSINE, INC.  wants to be your only choice when considering transportation for everything from a once in a lifetime Wedding celebration to needing Shuttles or   for a Corporate event. GALAXY LIMOUSINE, INC. and New Hope, PA, working together for all your Transportation needs.

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